Responsible Gaming

Guest Responsibility
At OKBET, we endorse gaming as a form of entertainment and leisure, emphasizing the collective responsibility to make informed gaming decisions and maintain socially responsible behavior. Our focus is on ensuring a fair and safe gaming environment, safeguarding players from potential negative impacts of gaming.

OKBET is dedicated to responsible gaming, offering a program that not only meets but exceeds standard expectations. This includes support for those seeking help, staff training to assist guests, and fostering a culture of responsible gaming awareness. For professional customer care, we collaborate with Life Change Recovery Center.

We encourage you to play responsibly, sensibly, and within your means.

Excluded Persons
OKBET advocates responsible gaming and sets restrictions on certain individuals for social responsibility:

  • Persons under 21 years or students in Philippine educational institutions.
  • Government officials involved in government operations and their immediate families.
  • Members of the Philippine Armed Forces and National Police.
  • PAGCOR Gaming Employment License holders involved in gaming operations.
  • Individuals listed in the National Database of Restricted Persons (NDRP).

Gambling Addiction
Problem gambling is an uncontrollable urge to gamble, leading to debt and harm to oneself, family, or community. It manifests as an obsession with gambling, increasing financial stakes, irritability when trying to stop, chasing losses, and continued gambling despite severe consequences.

Responsible Gaming
For frequent gamblers, we advise setting a budget to keep spending in check. Denial of gambling problems often leads to seeking help only in crises. If you suspect a problem, try abstaining from gambling for a test period. Inability to do so may indicate an issue, potentially impacting your personal and professional life. Always gamble responsibly.

Help for Gambling-Related Concerns
If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, contact our customer support or reach out to specialized centers like Life Change Recovery Center and Bridges of Hope Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Foundation. These centers provide support and guidance for gambling-related issues.

PAGCOR Exclusion Program
PAGCOR’s exclusion program allows self or family exclusion from all PAGCOR-regulated gambling facilities. Options include self-exclusion for 6 months to 5 years and family exclusion requested by immediate family members. For more details, Contact PAGCOR at [email protected].